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I am an award winning digital marketer with over 20 year experience. I got my start in e-commerce but found a home in Automotive. For the last 12 years I have been the Digital Marketing Director for a large auto group in Western PA. Seven times I have been recognized by Reputation.com as Top 100 dealer or part of the 800 Club! (This is out of over 20,000 dealership records) I have been ranked Ranked #1 and #2 in the Country by an independent audit for Acura and Honda Dealers based on Social, Rep and SEO. My automotive YouTube channels have gather over 30,000,000 views and continue to grow. In my spare time you may catch me throwing discs at the local disc golf course or hosting my trivia game show, now in its 5th season and on local TV!

With Poduty.com and RiseandOutshine, I’m on a mission to share live streaming and live podcasting with the world. I believe the best content creators and the best podcasters have not been found yet. There is a whole new movement of DIY content creators who are building the next generation of enteratainment.

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Stuff I Never Knew is weekly trivia game show recorded live online for the Armstrong Neighborhood Channel! Each week players from around the world call in and battle it out over 3 rounds of trivia until 1 winner remains!

We play different games and have different challenges each week. If you like general knowledge trivia and silly games, this is the trivia podcast for you.

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