AI Generated Slogans, TikTok Redbox, YouTube Golf Channel Experience IRL – Episode 10

Premise: Each week I provide my guests with 3-4 stories (below) and we will take 5-10 minutes discussing each story and how news, tactic or tip applies to the everyday content creator

STORY #1 AI-Generated Slogans for Google and Facebook Outperform Human Creations in New Survey

Question: Should we be testing podcast titles and descriptions the same way? What about YouTube video titles?

A golf channel known for “brilliantly dumb sporting adventures” is opening up its own IRL space

Another YouTube Channel has built a brand large enough to open a new Bar and Lounge! Similar to Dude Perfect opening a themed sports center, Breezy Golf is opening a “brilliantly dumb sporting adventure”

TikTok is coming to 3,000 Redbox kiosks across the U.S.

“The machines participating in the partnership include about one-third of the 34,000 Redbox kiosks that are currently in operation. The featured TikToks will provide more context for the available rentals at each of those locations. The Hollywood Reporter cited the example of The Super Mario Bros. Movie: A prospective renter could check out the film’s TikTok presence before deciding to watch it for themselves.”

Phil Better

Maria Daniels

Wize El Jefe


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